MDL Communications, Inc.

Meet the Team

Stephen Sacks, MBA, P. Eng.

Principal Consultant / President
Tech Marketing, Sales Strategics (39 years)

Expertise in Hi-Tech Marketing, MarComm, Management & Sales expertise in building teams, creating & executing business plans, as well as positioning companies for growth & acquisition. Held executive positions at General Instrument, Capella Telecommunications, Terayon Communications and RGB Networks. Stephen has practiced Management Consulting since 1972, with over 30 greatly pleased Clients. Founded MDL Communications.

Rita Sacks, Civ Eng, QMS

Managing Director
Operational Expertise, Management & Engineering (35 years)

Rita has held senior positions at Fincore, PMP, and Manta Test Systems. Has her Masters, Engineering from St. Petersburg, Russia. Expert in QMS, ISO, CSA. She helped found MDL Communications with Stephen, and her steadfast attention to detail has kept MDL on a rock-steady course of success. 

Boris Eventov, M. Sc.

Director, Technical Services
Seasoned Industry Veteran (33 years)

Well-known Canadian cable industry authority; Boris was responsible for SDV, VOD, Simulcast, headend consolidation, targeted ad insertion, fiber interconnections, network & reliability planning and MSO interconnect agreements at Cogeco (Ontario). He published multiple industry articles, presented at many industry conferences, received the Galaxy Technical Award of Excellence - and has been the SCTE Ontario Chapter Vice President.  Boris is the penultimate Technical Services Director with us. 

Daniel Regaudie

Senior Telecom / Broadcast Advisor
Seasoned Industry Veteran (47 years)

Dan's experienced in advanced digital video, wireless network delivery systems, cable Hybrid Fibre systems & deployments, both technically and also as an innovator in optimizing TV content packaging. His proficiency in general Project Management, ensuring successful & timely completion of Projects, is his signature. Dan has set overall strategic direction to ensure relevance & competitiveness in today’s complex telecom environment. Dan's lengthy career encompasses senior positions at Vianet Inc., BigBand Networks, and Northern Cable/Persona Communications, and then on to his innovative Broadband Consulting. Dan loves solving the various challenges encountered in both small & large telecommunications markets.

Denis Dion

Director, Broadcast Systems
Seasoned Industry Veteran (45+ years)

Denis has had a stellar career in Broadcasting.  He has
redesigned radio stations for Radiomutuel/CHUM Group (now Bell Media), handled the radio transmissions of the Montreal Olympics nationally, built studios, control rooms, and >100 transmit sites in Canada & Africa.  Denis sold broadcasting equipment in Canada, via  Power & Tel, Incospec, and Capella...and now, MDL. 

He's received 2 major Canadian awards: the Keith Rogers Award (1978) for designing the first solid-state transmitter site monitoring & control system; and the yearly Bob Norton Ambassador (2016) from the Canadian Central Broadcasting Engineers Association.

Denis has proven that he can solve any challenge in Canadian Broadcasting! 

Vincent Garneau

Director, Eastern Canada Sales
Seasoned Industry Veteran (32 years)

Vincent Garneau started in the telecommunications industry at Telesat Canada in 1993; he was quickly immersed in digital video compression as he signed the first contract to carry a digital video television service in Canada. Capella Telecommunication recruited him to help MSO's implement fiber optic distribution in their network. When the digital video revolution hit, he was instrumental in building digital video infrastructure for cable operators and broadcasters' environment. Since then, Vincent successfully helped dozens of customers implement DV, VOD, IPTV and other digital services in their infrastructure, over the past 24 years. In Canada's Eastern provinces, his name is synonymous with 'great products, great follow-ups, great service'.

Ron Polsky

Technical Advisor (part-time)- (former Manager, Field Services) 
Seasoned Industry Veteran (47 years)

Ron is MDL's veteran when it comes to solving issues in 'everything telecom': MPEG/digital TV, IPTV, VoD, Linear & nDVR Broadband, RF & optical-transmission, streaming media, systems architectures and project coordinator/planner.  He's been with Northern Cable (20 years) ADC (4 years), C-COR (7 years), RGB and Imagine (7 years) - and he's done it all!  Ron has superb references from everyone he's met, and has done any and every type of headend & plant work for, in the industry. If you need to get just about anything to work in any headend, Ron's your guy.

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