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Audio/Video Management Systems

MDL has provided outstanding sales services for years for our Customers, via our top-line Suppliers, and has always exceeded their expectations... with superb in-country Sales & Support.

MDL is Canada's premier distributor for the following products sets:

anyVID Solutions, Inc.

anyVID is known for their digital video delivery and monitoring systems, custom software solutions, and custom hardware solutions. They have a variety of products that serve numerous industries.


Premium Audio Systems - over IP-Satellite-MPX, for DAB, for Synchronous FM


Absolutely incredible Video Compression & Delivery Systems - premium encoders, decoders, transcoders, packagers, CDN, analytics & orchestration

Blonder Tongue

B-T and Drake provide cost-effective Video, Data, Transport, and test & Measurement systems


THE open monitoring & orchestration software for any media and broadband platform, regardless of OEM!


Excellent supplier of PC add-on cards, SDI & USB devices, modulators & receivers & IP converters & software, and test & measurement systems for the Pro digital-TV market.

Pebble Beach Systems

Manufactures the best next-gen, highly specialized & mission-critical broadcast automation systems, with the latest in technical innovation, high reliability & exceptional customer service.

Sencore and WellAv Technologies 

Proven reliable, cost-effective Video Compression & Delivery Systems - encoders, decoders, transcoders, packagers, gateways and monitoring systems.


Automates content creation & user experiences - by simplifying customer journeys, personalizing content delivery & maximizing the value of engagement, Pushologies monetizes your content greater than any other App - and we can prove it to you!

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