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MDL has provided outstanding sales services for years for our Vendor/Clients, and has never disappointed with superb in-country Marketing, Sales, Promotions and Account Management. MDL also works with each vendor to ensure that the Accounts receive intelligent 1st-line Support calls.

MDL is Canada's premier distributor for anyVID Solutions, Inc.

anyVID is known for their digital video delivery and monitoring systems, custom software solutions, and custom hardware solutions.  They have a variety of products that serve numerous industries.  Some of their products and industries are listed below.


Industries Served

Cable - IPTV - Telco

  • Cordless Cable OTT Streaming for Live TV, DVR, VOD
  • Streaming/IPTV Set Tops controlled by anyVID's aOS
  • Apps for Mobile, Smart TVs, Firesticks, etc
  • Live and/or File Transcoding, packaging, delivery
  • DVR/VOD/File Server with 170 TB SSD capability
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc


Industries Serverd

Corporate - Restaurant - Sales

  • Big Data Management, Analytics, and Storage
  • Custom Billing, Inventory, and Tracking Solutions
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc
  • Building/Equipment Automation, Monitoring, Analytics
  • Lockdown/Threat Alert System tied to the authorities
  • Massive Storage Solutions for up to 170 TB (SSD)


Solutions Delivered

Cordless Cable - Live TV, DVR, & VOD

A complete end-to-end streaming solution, Cordless Cable lets you convert your cable channels, IPTV lineup, Hospital Channel Lineup or other video solution into a complete over-the-top solution that works on the smallest to the biggest phone, tablet, browser, or TV.

  • Stream Live TV channels and/or entire channel lineups
  • Launch network DVR with granular control of storage
  • Watch programs from 6 Hrs ago with GoBack
  • Add a complete VOD solution for both free & pay content
  • Runs on Android/Android TV, FireTV, iOS, Smart TVs, Windows, etc
  • Supplement the system with aOS Set Tops and TVs


Industries Served

Education - Hospitals - Hotels

  • Complete end-to-end Lockdown Alert System
  • Smart Set Tops/TVs powered by anyVID's aOS
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc
  • Dedicated TV/Mobile Apps for education/teaching
  • Dedicated TV/Mobile Apps for Billing, purchases, etc
  • Real-time video/audio assemblies direct to the classroom


Custom Software/Hardware

anyVID Designs & Deploys Custom Software Solutions

  • Create specialty Hardware Appliances
  • Launch IoT solutions with full remote management
  • Build Apps for any mobile or Lean-back (TV) platform
  • Create a Desktop App Solution for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Deploy your App on a powerful database cluster
  • Enjoy load balanced web server usage that scales with you


Solutions Delivered

anyVisionOS - IPTV/Streaming Set Tops & TVs

All of the advantages of Android Set tops and TVs without the limitations. All of our anyVisionOS (aOS) Set Tops/TVs are 100% managed/controlled by you through the anyVID-AC Asset Manager. Instantly upgrade, add/remove Apps, and more. Customize our Launcher or build your own.

  • You choose the launcher - Live TV, Digital Signage, Custom Launcher
  • You choose the Apps (Android compatible) from our own App Store
  • Never see Google Ads on your launcher ever again
  • Design your own supplemental Apps, too
  • Instantly add new apps, change lineups, more across 1000's of set Tops
  • Customize the hardware with your own logos and looks (White Label)
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