Our Consulting Services


Most vendors don't analyze competitive offerings systematically, and as a result they operate on conjecture and intuition, and often miss the mark in their product or services offering.  We can't afford those mistakes - we ensure we don't place our Clients at risk.  You've read enough now to know that we know telecom technologies.  We also know how to judge what will hit our markets successfully, and what will miss the mark.  Our analytics include profiling competitive strengths & weaknesses for effective marketing and sales strategy formulation.


Every one of MDL's Consultants has spent time - a lot of it - on the vendor sales side.  So, we're adept at making internal sales strategies work - we know Bottoms-up & Tops-down sales analysis, sales motivators & incentives, and sales planning.  Externally, our Consultants are expert at the expectation matching necessary to make Sales Campaigns successful.  We're also not afraid to tell our Client-Vendors what expectations and campaigns are unrealistic and won't work in allotted timeframes.  Only when we're up-front with our Clients can we make them successful!


Ever tried to sell products, services or solutions to people you don't know?  You strike out - because you don't understand, empathize or 'fit' in your contact's shoes.  We don't let our Accounts put themselves in that lose:lose situation.  We have years of experience knowing 'who owns what' Operator mandates & initiatives, so we'll put you in touch with the most focused persons to gain traction with your solutions.  Forget the countless dinners, golf games, schmoozing and meetings just getting to know the proper contacts - we'll save you time, effort and countless months getting you to the right contacts.  MDL starts with the right contacts right off the bat, so you'll end up taking the fast track to your sales success.


Of course, MDL emphasizes product promotion via advertising, press releases, email campaigns and trade show promotions.  We don't really hit social media (it's not primed for telecom technologies, strangely enough), but we do hit SEO (web-site optimization services), sales collateral, PR…all to the advantage of our Clients.   When we hit the streets with your products and/or services, everyone knows.


MDL isn't the 800 pound gorilla on the block - those gorillas are a thing of the past.  Their technologies are dated by vendor-corporate legacy mandates, and their pricing isn't competitive anymore.  Instead, our Consultants laser focus to the newest, brightest technology trends - whether they be IPTV, DOCSIS, TVE, OTT, MultiScreen, wired or wireless, headend or premise equipment, recommendation engines and solutions.


MDL has the experience to take your products and/or services to Canadian Operators quickly & successfully.  New product entrants often fail - because they discount the importance of knowing the right Operator contacts, strategies, and mandates.  We understand telecom technologies as we've been in the business long enough to know current competitive thrusts - and what works and what doesn't.  We also know how to get to Operator budgets, and sidestep the ever-present roadblocks - we've spent the last 30 years making this our business!

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