anyVID Solutions, Inc.

MDL is Canada's premier distributor for anyVID

anyVID is known for their digital video delivery and monitoring systems, custom software solutions, and custom hardware solutions.  They have a variety of products that serve numerous industries.  Some of their products and industries are listed below.

Industry Served

Cable - IPTV - Telco


  • Cordless Cable OTT Streaming for Live TV, DVR, VOD
  • Streaming/IPTV Set Tops controlled by anyVID's aOS
  • Apps for Mobile, Smart TVs, Firesticks, etc
  • Live and/or File Transcoding, packaging, delivery
  • DVR/VOD/File Server with 170 TB SSD capability
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc

Industry Served

Corporate - Restaurant - Sales


  • Big Data Management, Analytics, and Storage
  • Custom Billing, Inventory, and Tracking Solutions
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc
  • Building/Equipment Automation, Monitoring, Analytics
  • Lockdown/Threat Alert System tied to the authorities
  • Massive Storage Solutions for up to 170 TB (SSD)

Industry Served

Education - Hospitals - Hotels


  • Complete end-to-end Lockdown Alert System
  • Smart Set Tops/TVs powered by anyVID's aOS
  • Digital Signage for announcements, Menus, etc
  • Dedicated TV/Mobile Apps for education/teaching
  • Dedicated TV/Mobile Apps for Billing, purchases, etc
  • Real-time video/audio assemblies direct to the classroom

Solutions Delivered

Cordless Cable - Live TV, DVR, & VOD


A complete end-to-end streaming solution, Cordless Cable lets you convert your cable channels, IPTV lineup, Hospital Channel Lineup or other video solution into a complete over-the-top solution that works on the smallest to the biggest phone, tablet, browser, or TV.

  • Stream Live TV channels and/or entire channel lineups
  • Launch network DVR with granular control of storage
  • Watch programs from 6 Hrs ago with GoBack
  • Add a complete VOD solution for both free & pay content
  • Runs on Android/Android TV, FireTV, iOS, Smart TVs, Windows, etc
  • Supplement the system with aOS Set Tops and TVs

Solutions Delivered

anyVisionOS - IPTV/Streaming Set Tops & TVs


All of the advantages of Android Set tops and TVs without the limitations. All of our anyVisionOS (aOS) Set Tops/TVs are 100% managed/controlled by you through the anyVID-AC Asset Manager. Instantly upgrade, add/remove Apps, and more. Customize our Launcher or build your own.

  • You choose the launcher - Live TV, Digital Signage, Custom Launcher
  • You choose the Apps (Android compatible) from our own App Store
  • Never see Google Ads on your launcher ever again
  • Design your own supplemental Apps, too
  • Instantly add new apps, change lineups, more across 1000's of set Tops
  • Customize the hardware with your own logos and looks (White Label)

Custom Software/Hardware

anyVID Designs & Deploys Custom Software Solutions


  • Create specialty Hardware Appliances
  • Launch IoT solutions with full remote management
  • Build Apps for any mobile or Lean-back (TV) platform
  • Create a Desktop App Solution for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Deploy your App on a powerful database cluster
  • Enjoy load balanced web server usage that scales with you
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