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Our Duty to YOUR Network and YOUR Customers

At MDL, we believe in 'Product Optimization' , which refers to our blend of product ease-of-use, reliability, longevity, and operational superiority - all those items are hugely important to your operation.  Those features lead to 'operational happiness' and that's what we strive to provide to all our Customers.  So, in the background, we've already done all that feature testing from our various manufacturers.  As a result, we're confident that we provide you with the best premier products for the lowest lifetime costs.  We also strive to provide you with the newest, brightest technologies for your networks & headends - whether they be in:  IPTV, DOCSIS, TVE, OTT, MultiScreen, wired or wireless, and/or recommendation engines.

We ALSO strive to provide you with our 'Broadcast Optimization'.  By that, we mean that we've developed a way to decrease your operational costs, by examining your incoming feeds and determining what streams you really need to keep your Customers happy.  Our prime Broadcast Advisor, Dan Regaudie, is the top-of-class expert in this strategy!  He'll examine your networks (HFC, Digital Video platforms, Fibre optic links, FTTH networks, satellite reception, microwave networks/wireless Internet delivery systems) and promote technical superiority in terms of reliability & performance, economical on-going operating costs... and then provide the lowest longer term Total Cost of Ownership.  His unique approach to tv packaging utilizes hard data to focus on provision of tv that people actually watch, via a tv services layout that makes it easy for customers to find that content. He also identifies niche TV services that are readily available to the end-customer via direct Internet streaming, and which should not be part of the packaging offered by you as their content provider, and which should be discussed in relation to an operator’s Internet provision business.  As Dan says: “don’t chase that 1 in 1,000 customers you might lose; they’re too expensive to satisfy”.  Dan's expertise in gross margin management also has you focus on limiting package wholesale fee totals, with the goal of maintaining and increasing gross profit margins now, and into the future.

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